February - July 2025

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February - July 2025

5 Meeting, 22 Day Course

Orthodontics today, in the twenty-first century, despite the great evolution and development of technique and materials, is still a discipline that requires culture and knowledge of the basic biological and biomechanical principles. As written a few years ago by Vincent Kokich in a well-known editorial in the "American Journal", there are biological and aesthetic principles in orthodontics that research has shown to be inviolable regardless of the equipment used "Certain biological and aesthetic principles exist in orthodontics and dentistry that previous research has shown they are inviolate, no matter what magic device we use” AJO 2014.
There is no doubt that knowledge of the basics of diagnosis and the consequent development of an adequate treatment plan are the key, together with individualized control of tooth movement in three dimensions, to obtain a treatment with a stable, aesthetic and functional result. valid. A course that highlights the fundamentals of orthodontics and through these leads to exploring the most modern developments of the discipline with adequate cultural bases is what is needed to aim for clinical excellence in our profession.


1st meeting

Monday 17 – Friday 21 February 2025
- Orthodontic records: the collection of essential records, cephalometry
- The basics of diagnosis
- The treatment plan based on aesthetics and skeletal and dental relationships
- The relationships between orthodontics and pedodontics
- Early treatments, interceptive orthodontics
Mauro Cozzani - Andrea Boggio, Gabriele Di Carlo, Antonio Manni

2nd meeting

Monday 10 – Friday 14 March 2025
- Diagnosis and treatment plan
- Base loops
- Control of orthodontic wires in three dimensions:
the first order: step in/step out, coordinated arcs
the third order: standard torque, active and passive torque, single and sectoral torque
the second order: step up/step down, uprighting folds, anchoring preparation
- Treatment of a class I malocclusion on wax typodont with extraction of the first four premolars
Giovanni Biondi - Istruttori TEos

3st meeting

Wednesday 9th – Saturday 12th April 2025
- Treatment of class II in the patient with complete dentition
- Treatment of a second class malocclusion on wax typodont with extraction of the first upper premolars and the second lower premolars
- Application on typodonts of sequential distalization mechanics with and without the use of vestibular TADs
Giovanni Biondi - Guglielmo Biondi e istruttori TEos

4st meeting

Monday 16 – Thursday 19 June 2025
- Diagnosis and treatment plan
- “Straight Wire and Two-Dimensional”
- Treatment plan exercises
- Practical exercises in banding and bending wires
Mauro Cozzani – Paolo Guerra, Giovanni Panza

5st meeting

Monday 14 – Thursday 17 July 2025
- Orthodontic treatment in the adult patient
- Treatment on 3D typodont of a characteristic malocclusion in adult patients
- Orthodontics/periodontology relationships
- Skeletal anchorage
- Introduction to aligner treatments
Giovanni Biondi, Guglielmo Biondi, Mauro Cozzani
Salima Antonini, Roberto Kaitsas, Maria Giacinta Paolone





Registration fees

Basic Orthodontics course fee

(febbraio 2025 – luglio 2025, 22 giorni di corso)
5.400,00 euro + IVA

"Early bird" registration fee

entro il 10 dicembre 2024
4.900,00 euro + IVA

Student registration fee

4.500,00 euro + IVA

Terms of payment

Basic Orthodontics fee 5.400,00 euro + IVA

1.200,00 euro + IVA all’iscrizione
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 febbraio 2025
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 aprile 2025
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 giugno 2025

"Early bird" fee 4.900,00 euro + IVA

by 10 December 2024
700,00 euro + IVA upon registration, by 10 December 2024
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 febbraio 2025
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 aprile 2025
1.400,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 giugno 2025

Student fee 4.500,00 euro + IVA

500,00 euro + IVA upon registration
800,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 febbraio 2025
800,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 marzo 2025
800,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 aprile 2025
800,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 maggio 2025
800,00 euro + IVA entro il 10 giugno 2025

Modalità di pagamento

1° quota all’iscrizione
1.500,00 euro + IVA

2° rata gennaio 2024
2.500,00 euro + IVA

3° rata, entro l’incontro di maggio 24
2.500,00 euro + IVA

4° rata, entro l’incontro di ottobre 24
2.500,00 euro + IVA

5° rata, entro l’incontro di febbraio 25
2.500,00 euro + IVA

6° rata, entro l’incontro di luglio 25
2.500,00 euro + IVA

7° rata, entro l’incontro di dicembre 25 2.500,00 euro + IVA

8° rata, entro l’incontro di aprile 26
2.500,00 euro + IVA

9° rata, entro l’incontro di settembre 26 2.500,00 euro + IVA

Payment via bank transfer
Causale: Corso Clinico Biennale
IBAN: IT71H0306910708100000001115 Banca: INTESA

Registration Card

    Via Vailunga, 37
    19125 La Spezia (SP)
    P.IVA 01461260117
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