February 2024 - December 2026

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Pre-clinical course

February 2024 - July 2024

6 meeting, 25 day course

February La Spezia Istituto Cozzani Thursday 8 - Sunday 11
March Bologna Hotel Tower Sunday 10 - Friday 15
April La Spezia Istituto Cozzani Wednesday 10 - Sunday 14
May Bologna Hotel Tower Wednesday 8 - Saturday 11
June La Spezia Istituto Cozzani Friday 14 - Sunday 16
July La Spezia Istituto Cozzani Friday 19 - Sunday 21
La Spezia Istituto Cozzani
giovedì 8 – domenica 11
Bologna Hotel Tower
domenica 10 – venerdì 15
La Spezia Istituto Cozzani
mercoledì 10 – domenica 14
Bologna Hotel Tower
mercoledì 8 – sabato 11
La Spezia Istituto Cozzani
venerdì 14 – domenica 16
La Spezia Istituto Cozzani
venerdì 19 – domenica 21


September 2024 - December 2026

78-day course, plus 14 days of monographic courses

Istituto Giuseppe Cozzani, La Spezia
From September 2024 to December 2026 three course days each month.
Every other month Thursday-Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday-Monday.
Every ve months starting in October 2024, two-day monograph course

Clinical Course description

This is a "real" clinical course!
In this course, participants personally follow patients from the collection of records to the formulation of a treatment plan, which is presented on power point and discussed with the lecturers.
Once the treatment plan is approved, each participant begins the active phase of treatment with banding or the virtual set-up development in the case of patients who will be treated with aligners.
The patient will be followed until the end of the treatment including the nishing and retention phases.
The trainees work in pairs, so there are two per chair, their patients have dierent malocclusions that are treated with the technique best suited for each patient. In each of the 26 meetings, cases are presented in the classroom and their progression is discussed with the lecturers. Each participant can thus follow the progression of treatment of all patients in the department. Also important in this regard is the opportunity to see cases being treated by colleagues who are attending the previous year and in this way follow the progression of cases being addressed with treatment plans similar to those of their own patients, broadening everyone's clinical experience.
Since this is a "real" clinical course, in which the participants personally treat the patients entrusted to them, albeit under the close supervision of the lecturers, it is necessary that the basic preparation be adequate. For this reason, a full-bodied theoretical-practical course has been prepared that precedes the clinical course. It consists of 24 "full immersion" days of theory, manual skills, literature and discussion of clinical cases that prepares the trainees for the clinical part. A facilitated course is provided for those with proven experience in certain techniques, although attendance at the entire program is, of course, appreciated.

During the clinical course, seven monograph courses will be included, to be taken in
attendance on days following the clinical meeting or otherwise online, concerning:
- the correction of class II with Herbst's appliance supported by TADs
- the 3-D approach to orthodontics
- the special applications of aligners
- the dierent choice in palatal expansion between skeletal anchorage and surgical
- the connections between orthodontics and periodontics
- the aesthetic nishing of the patient and post-treatment procedures
- the new frontier of remote patient monitoring

Language: English and Italian





Materials Needed

- 1 Merrield Merrield pliers (loop forming plier)
- 2 Tweed pliers (arch torquing plier)
- 1 bird's beak pliers
- 1 turret (0°torque)
- 1 distal cutter
- 1 ligature cutter
- 1 clampable hook pliers
- 1 gauge
- 1 pencil to mark the arcs
- 1 bunsen (De Giorgi type)
- 1 ux - brass 0.8mm and 1mm
- Soldering silver
- 1 hemostat
- 1 wax spatula
- 1 scaler
- 500 metal ligatures 0.9 or 0.10 long
- 500 elastic modules

Fees and how to register

Pre-clinical course fee

(February 2024 – July 2024, 25-day course)
5.500,00 euros + VAT

Clinical course fee

(September 2024 – December 2026, 92-day course)
16.000,00 euros + VAT
N.B. Based on the curriculum to be attached to the application, it will be considered whether
the participant can avoid taking part of the pre-clinical course, with a reduction in the fee for
the same course

Method of payment

First fee at enrollment 1.500,00 euros + VAT
2nd installment, January 2024 2.500,00 euros + VAT
3rd installment, by the May 24 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
4th installment, by the October 24 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
5th installment, by the February 25 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
6th installment, by the July 25 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
7th installment, by the December 25 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
8th installment, by the April 26 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT
9th installment, by the September 26 meeting 2.500,00 euros + VAT

Modalità di pagamento

1° quota all’iscrizione
1.500,00 euro + IVA

2° rata gennaio 2024
2.500,00 euro + IVA

3° rata, entro l’incontro di maggio 24
2.500,00 euro + IVA

4° rata, entro l’incontro di ottobre 24
2.500,00 euro + IVA

5° rata, entro l’incontro di febbraio 25
2.500,00 euro + IVA

6° rata, entro l’incontro di luglio 25
2.500,00 euro + IVA

7° rata, entro l’incontro di dicembre 25 2.500,00 euro + IVA

8° rata, entro l’incontro di aprile 26
2.500,00 euro + IVA

9° rata, entro l’incontro di settembre 26 2.500,00 euro + IVA

Payment by bank transfer
Causal: Two-year clinical course
IBAN: IT71H0306910708100000001115 Banca: INTESA

Registration Form

    Via Vailunga, 37
    19125 La Spezia (SP)
    P.IVA 01461260117
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